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Good Afternoon guys, I am Mohamad Nabil Che Kholid, and i’m a self made business man. Right now, I’m operating at Exact Security Services at Ampang Jaya, Kl.
I graduated from College of Selangor, majoring in operation Management from year 2008 until 2012. What is considered my hobby or interest ? I don’t possess pretty much any hobby to be exact certainly. But, when i was in school want to eat, i enjoy play sports activities example badminton, soccer, sepak takraw, futsal, plus more however, the key more activity which i performed is tennis however. Whether there is a contest on badminton, i would personally be the first the right one to join.
From comparison to its education, i had state that i’m not so good in educational. My favourite subject is english language when held up against calculations and science.
I’m not a pretty good student or undesirable student. I’m at the center. That’s more secure to express right.While i described earlier, right now i’m working at Exact Security Services, this firm happen to be hand down by dad to me. I already working here for 6 years. We concentrating on supplying man power or security officer to government sector and private sector.
Beside doing security services, great skill level and knowledge is when it comes to internet marketing. Nabil have trained in internet marketing whenever i’m web surfing. From building a website, web optimization, advertisement and facebook ads. Individuals proficiency ideal traffic generation. It’s a brand-new skill i always all ought to learn. The key reason why ? While, individuals talent will under no circumstances learn in school or even the college.In the last Not one but two years, i’ve been participating a lot’s of talk and speech. I learnt i all will need to go or alternatively go if there’s any speech or talks events. The great news whenever we be in the events is actuallywho you can meet new people, share info, get new knowledge, and learn from the industry professionals. For individuals yearn to their life, here a points to consider when you. No 1, continue to be self-esteem it does not matter. For those who have self-esteem, it’s not necessary to preferably and want. No 2, spent time studying or surfing the net for inner growth or personal progress. Find more knowledge and talent it would be used in the actual. No 3, always arise early, why ? Have you ever heard this saying, only early bird catches the worm. This to make sure you are different from other people. No 4, don’t ever quit or surrender. In the event you consistently working at an item of many products, it is possible to find themselves became tedious than me or lazy this. This important habit want to stop. When you are getting tired of, it’s important to find new thing or new skill to help improve it. Maybe helps it be quickly this occassion or possibly is there all skill that makes it value.
Before Nabil close my conversation, i would like to kudos you for paying attention and attempt to be reliance and don’t be scared to educate oneself about today’s truck owner in life. Be a person who exactly different then other people and always be true to yourself

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